Porting lvgl to the platform io (esp-idf framework)

Hi everyone,

I’m currently encountering a challenge in determining whether I am on the right way porting LVGL to the PlatformIO using the ESP-IDF framework. My goal is to display widgets on a TFT display.

Below, I’ve outlined the procedure I followed to port LVGL to the PlatformIO (ESP-IDF framework):

Step 1: I will download the lvgl library and lv_port_esp32 from lvgl GitHub as shown below:

Step 2: I will download the display driver and touch controller driver from GitHub as shown below:

Step 3: I only place certain folders on the Platformio lib project file which display and touch driver c file and header, example folder copy from lvgl GitHub, src folder from lvgl GitHub, and licence.txt & lv_conf_template.g and lvgl.h from lvgl GitHub. File tree as show below:

  1. I am not sure how to include those into cmake or platformio ini file actually I am not sure need include those library whather into cmake or platformio ini
    Below is my cmake file and platformio ini :

I hope someone can give me some guidance what is the proper way to use lvgl on platoformio (esp-idf framework).

thank you

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