Porting lvgl I need help

Hello. Friends, I want to port lvgl to Stm32f407 microcontroller and I use cubeide and I encounter these errors. Thank you for your help.

Which development board? which display? Interface of the display?

Hello. I designed the development board myself with micro 407 and the display is connected with Ili9341 driver and through spi interface.

Hi @Mahdisdh ,

Looking at the errors it may be you have downloaded the latest V9 master code and you are using V8.x initialisation code… I would suggest making sure you use the latest V8.x code for your project as V9 is not stable at this time.

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Hello, thank you for your help


Friends, the image I get on the screen is like this. The driver I use is Ili9341. I am really confused, thank you for your help or provide me with a ready code for the flush function

Maybe start with learn howto place code here instead catastrofic foto.

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