Porting LGVL to FreeRtos Win32 Simulator


As described in the topic I want to port LGVL to the FreeRTOS Win32-MingW simulator.
I cloned the library with --recurse-submodule option, and left only the src directory as indicated.
Then I created the lv_conf.h . There are so many options. I started just set 1 to the define to enable, as indicated and the #define LV_USE_OS LV_OS_FREERTOS.
I have compiled and got some errors
undefined reference to _lv_draw_sw_mask_cleanup', undefined reference to lv_draw_sw_init’,
undefined reference to lv_draw_sw_deinit', undefined reference to lv_draw_sw_deinit’,

I probably miss some library, or I should define , or undefine some options in lv_conf.h.
Can anyone help me to get it compiled.
The aim of project is to make a window 480x272 and put inside some widget. The window should be drawn just memory, I do not want to see. Then I flush the memory in a file and create an image.
Every help expecially for compiling would be appreciated.
I saw many options in lv_conf.h, many of them I do not need, I suppose but before disable I would like to have the project compiled, or maybe I make the situation worse.

I made these changes
#define LV_USE_DRAW_SW 0
and it compiles. So the question left is if with these changes I can still create a window with a button and draw in memory.
Maybe I should move to the how-to forum.