Porting for stm32L476


Hi everyone,
I’m fresher of LVGL. I have a project used STM32L476 and ST7565 to create UI for my application. I want to use RTOS for my UI application. So I have some questions like this:

  1. Can I use UCOSII or UCOSIII and LVGL for an UI application?
  2. Does anyone porting for stm32L476? Can I see code porting for my microController or at least show me how I can use LVGL with stm32L476.
  3. Can I have a project use LGVL for ST7565?

I’m looking forward to seeing your reply as soon as possible because I really need it.
Best regards.

please read the doc first

Tks for your reply. Do you have any project using LVGL in ST7565?? Can I have it? Just for reference

this is a demo on stm32f429_disco
i have used ST7789 but not ST7565 ,I think the driver bouth of them almost same.Note that you implement your disp_flush fuction in lv_port_disp.c

ST7789 is the LCD in the development kit right???

no,that base on ili9341
this is a project based on stm32l475&st7789 by me long time before

sorry, but I got this error. Could you tell me what file should I import to fix this?? This is your project I cloned from GITHUB

Take a look into your lv_conf.h
Search for LV_USE_GPU_STM32_DMA2D.
LV_USE_GPU_STM32_DMA2D is set to 1.
After that line there should be a line like:

#define LV_GPU_DMA2D_CMSIS_INCLUDE "stm32l4xx.h"

I don’t know whether stm32l4xx.h is right. It’s just a guess,
as for my board it’s a stm32h7xx.h.

omg tks. I did it. Tks a lot!!!

sorry but when access your link I got this. What does it mean??

Maybe I didn’t make the project public when you clicked on this link

tks. I got it. Let me take a look. Thank you so much!!!