Please add the '&' symbol to the default virtual keyboard

There is no ‘&’ symbol on either virtual keyboard modes but I did notice that the ‘-’ symbol appears on both the alphabetic and number/symbol keyboard modes.
I would propose as a feature request to replace the ‘-’ symbol from the number/symbol keyboard with the ‘&’ symbol.

It was really missing. I’ve just added it here

I do not get it. If this is fixed why is it still missing? I created a WiFi login system and the ‘&’ is used in many passwords. I am using library V8.3.6 as that is required for SLS. I also notice that even the example keyboard on the documentation page is missing the ‘&’. Shouldn’t this be part of the regular library already?

Ahh, it was already fixed in the master branch (v9.0 developemnt) but I’ve fixed it release/v8.3 too. See here: fix(keyboard): add '&' character · lvgl/lvgl@d20bd1c · GitHub

Thank, you.
Seeing the date on that report I thought that would be already propagated to the master 8.x.x but I actually had to manually edit the keyboard.c file to remedy that. In the SLS export files that is.