Platformio repository for lvgl not updating


The platformio library has an old version v7.1.0 of lvgl as the latest version in its repository. Newer versions do not seem to get published in the Platformio repository.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What do you experience?

Platformio has a vast repository of libraries, which makes it very easy to use them in projects and automatically keep them up-to-date. The lvgl library is stuck at v7.1.0 for the last 3 months, while lv_drivers is up-to-date with v7.7.0.

What do you expect?

Have the newest version of lvgl available on the platformio repository.

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@kisvegabor i guess, that’s because version number of .json in HEAD goes ahead of git tags.

Fixed here:
Let’s how it works now.

2 days passed but still sitting on the old version.
Any ideas?

I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it is related to
The branch file still has a version=.7.0 entry. This seems to throw of platformio as it is expecting a Semantic Version.

I was struggling with my forked submodule too, until I changed that to ´version=7.7.0`. Then the project compiled again.

Maybe the platformio scraper is erroring out over that file too?

I think yes. Initially, lvgl was published with only, and i guess sraper remembered it as source of version. Those 2 files must be in sync.

The version string is broken in both and library.json files of the releases\v7 branch only:

version=.7.0       // should be 7.7.0

More corroborating evidence is that the updates in the library seems to have stopped since the library.propertiesand library.json files have been edited:



v7.1.0 still had correct semver, but v7.7.0 is currently broken at version=.7.0.

Interesting… if I recall correctly PlatformIO only looks at master when checking our releases, but maybe the other branch is confusing it.

OK, I looked a bit further and have found this github commit from 4 months back
It might be related to that manual update of the repository? I posted a comment on that thread…

I only consume the libraries through platformio, but I don’t maintain any myself.

@fvanroie personally, until regisry is not very stable, you an use git links as i did:

@ivankravets replied on github. It seems the scraper takes a week to update repos automatically. He refreshed it though, and now the most current version 7.7.2 of lvgl is showing in the library. Great!

He also mentioned to do a manual push to update, instead of relying on the scraper. Maybe that can be incorporated into the CI pipeline?

This is feature of new registry, not compatible with old one. Need to learn how o use.

Probably we should make the PIO manual update part of the release script.

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