Pinyin IME customized dictionary format

Have anyone tried pinyin ime with lv_micropython?
I am not sure what format a customized dictionary is, I have tried several formats but have been unable to set them successfully.

Do I have to set LV_IME_PINYIN_USE_DEFAULT_DICT to 0 in lv_conf.h before compiling in order to use a customized dictionary? Shouldn’t it be possible to use it without doing so?

Hey, buddy, are you Chinese?

Yeah, I am Chinese.
Have you used Pinyin IME? I know the contributor of this widget is 100ask team, but I sent an email to ask and got no reply.
100ask team provides a C language version. What I want to know is the dictionary setting method of the micropython version. There are no examples in the official documents.
I thought of a way, which is to modify the default dictionary in the C file before compiling, but I still want to know if there is a better way.

At present, I am researching the RGB driver part, but without any examples, it is also a headache to study. I have briefly tested the input method before, and I remember that the input method section of lgvl has detailed examples in micropython. I have seen the code before, but I have not tested it in detail