Performance/input issues, question

First of all,
You did a really great job creating EdgeLine!!!

I have tested it and it has incredibly increased my efficiency in creating my user interface.

However, I wanted to share some issues that you may not have noticed:

I have to say my laptop is not the fastest (lenovo t550), but in the task manager you can see that the processes Edgeline.exe and micropython.exe take quite a lot of power. Basically, most things run quite smoothly, but the program crashed once after I moved some objects in the hierarchy. I could not find any error in the console otherwise I would have attached it. I am aware that this is a beta. Nevertheless, I wanted to explain my current experience in the context of performance to perhaps strengthen the future versions.

Changing the size of objects:
Once I encountered a bug when changing the width of an object, after typing it in, it would always switch between old and new, as if someone would type in the new value and then use the delete key to remove it and then type in the old value and back again. This happened in endless loop until I restarted the program.

Last but not least, a question:
If I am currently working on a project, is it possible in the future to continue to use this to export the pre-designed project with the future generator. Or will it be perhaps only small to no changes that make it difficult to import?

Again, I thank you very much for the great work on the designer and look forward to the updates!

With kind regards
Jannes Brands

Hi Jannes,

Thank you for the feedback!

The performance issues are reported by others too so it’s really something we need to improve.
We know where is the bottleneck and have ideas on how to improve it.

I’ll ask our developers about the reason for the size change issue.

Good to hear that you already started to work on project with EdgeLine :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that the project file’s format won’t change in the future. Anyway, I agree that it’d be great to allow people to continue their project so will keep this in mind and provide backward compatibility if possible.

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