PC Simulator is not working for windows10 and ubuntu

Hello. I have troubles with simulator working with me. I tried 2 ways but both failed.

  • For Windows10. my IDE is VS2017. when I was trying to build it says windows sdk 10 is not found. but when I was going to change sdk in the droplist and click apply, nothing can be changed.

  • For Ubuntu(vserion is 22.4). once this cmd(sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y build-essential libsdl2-dev) is successfully, there is only logout left in my system, and when I reboot ubuntu, I can never get into ubuntu desktop, only terminal is available.

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i am guessing you are using WSL. if you are then SDL is doing something that is killing your desktop in Ubuntu. If you are using WSL I am not sure as to why you are using a GUI in Ubuntu. the applications will run without it. They open a window in the host OS (Windows) It’s the way it is designed.

As far as the Visual Studio is concerned. I am seeing 2 choice in your dropdown and neither of them are the selected choice. Select one of them and give it a go.

If you compile LVGL in Ubuntu using SDL go ahead and run your code and you will see a window open up. Even without the GUI running.

thanks kdschlosser for the reply .
For Ubuntu , I am using virtualbox not the WSL. And I need to use eclipse in my ubuntu to build code, so if there is no GUI, I dont know how to do with it.

For VisualStudio. yes, there is 2 choice in the dropdown list. but when I choose one of them and click apply. it will jump back to 10.0 automaitcally whenever I choose 10.0.17134 or 10.0.17763.