Parallel Screen ESP32-S3


I order ESP32-8048S070 from Aliexpress. Link: 25.04€ |ESP32 S3 HMI 8M PSRAM 16M Flash Arduino LVGL WIFI & Bluetooth 7 "800*480 Smart Display bildschirm 7,0 zoll RGB LCD TFT Modul| | - AliExpress
Anybody has experience with this setup?
Which driver can I use for this?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

ESP-IDF v5 or ESP-IDF v4.4

Screenshot and/or video

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I have the 4.2 inch version, which has the same Chip and SOM - EP32S3, with same PSRAM etc.

I used VS Code with platfomio to program it, using the Arduino framework.

I also used lvgl, squareline IDE to design and control the GUI.

There is a glitching problem with the 4.2 inch that a few people have seen, let us know if you also see this on the 7inch version (entire screen image jumps around a few pixels, then back again sometimes).