Open source smart watch based on STM32F411 and LVGL

Open source smart watch.
high quality and smooth (60FPS+) animation effect.
easy to expand system framework.

Demo video:
Source code:

UI Framework

LittlevGL V6.1.2


    1. MCU: STM32F411CEU6 (Frequency: 100MHz RAM: 128KB ROM: 512KB)
    1. Screen: ST7789 IPS 1.14inch, SPI interface, 135x240 resolution, 100Hz refresh rate
    1. Input device: Button x3
    1. RTC: MCU built-in RTC clock
    1. Accelerometer: MPU6050
    1. Barometer: BMP180
    1. Power management: TP4056 + TPS63070


    1. Time display
    1. Temperature display
    1. Air pressure display
    1. Altitude display
    1. Stopwatch
    1. Brightness control
    1. Time setting
    1. Arduboy/Arduboy2 Game System
    1. To be continued…

Well Done

Great work!
Do you plan to sell the hardware?