Opacity not working in v8.3


I’m trying to fade in some objects using lv_obj_fade_in and what happens is the object just appears at the end of the animation, it doesn’t fade in as it would on v7.11
Also noticed if I try to manually set the opacity of an object to anything less than 255 it just doesn’t appear…

Is this down to configuration issue? I do clean the entire style set for each object when creating it using lv_obj_remove_style_all if it matters?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Teensy Micromod + PlatformIO

What LVGL version are you using?


@kisvegabor can you shed some light on this issue? Is this expected behavior?
I don’t see it stated in v8.3 documentation besides a compile error:

src/../../lib/lvgl/src/hal/../draw/../misc/lv_color.h:27:2: error: #error "LV_COLOR_SCREEN_TRANSP requires LV_COLOR_DEPTH == 32. Set it in lv_conf.h"

Are you sure you are using v8.3?

Line 27 of lv_color.h looks different:

My lv_colors.h file looks exactly like the one you linked to. And my lv_conf.h states v8.3

So I have no idea where that error is coming from. I’ve searched all files for that string and can’t find anything.

I’m using Platform IO to manage the project if it matters.
Will try replacing the current lvgl folder with a fresh one from GitHub and report back later on or tomorrow

Ive found the root cause.
For some reason some of my files are not syncing properly between Git and my local snapshot.
Its cached v8.1 files so that’s what had caused the issue.
I downloaded v8.3.3 and will purge the local stuff and download the latest of my project from Git and test