Online TTF font converter only converts to condensed font


I’m trying to create a monospaced font by using the online TTF font converter. Unfortunately, the converter dismisses the monotype and creates a condensed font, no matter what options I use. I’m sure the TTF source font is monospaced. Can this be fixed?



It really drops the fix width but you can use “Monospace” field to tell the library the width of letters. The library will use it to render the texts as monospace.

It saves because the empty columns are not stored.


Thanks, I know about the monospace field and it does work, but not for my application. The point is that although I need monospaced characters, I also want some characters to be condensed. I’m using your spinbox object, and I want to have a 7-segment digital font. The numbers should all be monospaced, but the point and the +/- characters should be condensed. So if the converter creates a fixed size for all characters, I could easily edit the font and have the point, +/- converted to condensed…

I see. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do it in v5.3.

However, v6.0 (will be released in a few weeks) will have much better font converter and font system. where it can be easily addressed.
If you’re still at the beginning of you project I suggest changing to the dev-6.0 branch of lvgl.

Here are the most important changes:
It’s documentation (not ready yet) is here: