Online image convert fail

Hi all
When i convert the bmp file, i got the failed reason below:

My settings are below:

I check the bmp file that cannot be converted using hex editor.And I found its info header size is 56 .In the size:BMP - Just Solve the File Format Problem, the bmp file was called BITMAPV3INFOHEADER.So, is this reason?And how do i solve this problem?

This is a great opportunity to try the newer beta image converter and see if fixes the problem. The old converter does have issues with some image formats, however the new one should work with anything your browser can display.

I’ve already test the new converter in some projects and it worked well. Although I used only simple true colors formats.

If @afeng666 confirms it’s working well, IMO we can replace the current converter with the new one.

It work fine! Thanks.

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