Online font converter error(No response)


I am trying to use the font converter provided by littlevgl.
I converted it as shown in the picture below, but it does not respond.
(I am using chrome.)
If the range is 0x20-0x7f, it works normally, but if it is set to 0xac00-0xd7af to convert to Hangul, it does not respond.
I wonder what’s wrong with the conversion process
Please help me

Can you press F12 to open Developer Tools, choose Console, and get a screenshot of that?

Thank you for the reply

When I try, I get a screen like this


I have the same problem,It seems that the font content is too much for server to deal with .
It works ok when I set the short word range. could you help to resolve the problem ?

As far as I know, the font converter runs directly on your machine, so the server should not be needed.

To see if it’s really an issue with your browser, you could try the offline font converter.