Offline Font Converter Add two Font Question

Hi, i try to add simhei.ttf and FontAwesome.ttf into a new Font by offline font converter, the reference documentation on the github is shown below
" env DEBUG=* lv_font_conv --font Roboto-Regular.ttf -r 0x20-0x7F --font FontAwesome.ttf -r 0xFE00=>0x81 --size 16 --format bin --bpp 3 --no-compress -o output.font "

so my code is
" node lv_font_conv --font C:\Users\asu
s2\Desktop\lv_font_conv-master\simhei.ttf -r 0x0000-0x9ED1 --font C:\Users\asus2
\Desktop\lv_font_conv-master\FontAwesome.ttf -r 0xFE00=> 0x81 --size 20 --form
at lvgl --bpp 4 --no-compress --no-prefilter -o lv_font_simhei_FontAwesome_20.c "

it remind me that “lv_font_conv: error: argument “-r/–range”: Invalid range value: 0xFE00=”,

i just want to add the built-in SYMBOLS into the simhei.ttf

For range you should set the symbols. It will quite ugly as the list of symbols are long.

lv_font_conv --font Roboto-Regular.woff -r 0x20-0x7F  --font FontAwesome.ttf -r 61441,61448,61451,61452,61453,61457,61459,61460,61461,61465,61468,61473,61478,61479,61480,61502,61504,61512,61515,61516,61517,61521,61522,61523,61524,61543,61544,61553,61556,61559,61560,61561,61563,61587,61589,61636,61637,61639,61671,61683,61724,61732,61787,61931,62016,62017,62018,62019,62020,62099 --size 16 --format lvgl  --bpp 4 --no-compress -o lv_font_roboto_16.c

i have solved this problem.i think the example “0xFE00 => 0x81” is wrong, i used 0xF001~F293 instead of using “0xFE00 => 0x81”

Why ~? it should be -

Note that now you convert 658 symbols.