nRF52832 P8 Smartwatch with Arduino and LVGL

Hi here is just a short overview of my current prokect of the P8 Smartwatch running Arduino and LVGL

The source can be found here:

And the Portable Arduino ide with everything included can also be found there.

The interesting part is also the P8 Smartwatch can be flashed OTA without the need to open it with this firmware via the DaFlasher

One question is still in my head, is it possible to make non return carriage labels in LVGL ?
So if a string has a new line character is it possible to ignore it in the label?


There’s no way to ignore newlines; I’d suggest filtering the string dynamically instead.

Thank you, will do it that way then.

Thanks for sharing! It seems Red and Blue are swapped.

Are the links in your first post intentionally not “linkified”?

I wasnt allowed to post links so i posted them that way.

Colors are fine for me also when using images etc. But maybe they are an i just made everything so it looks good with switched color

I’ve adjusted the new user rules to prevent that from happening in the future. I also edited your post to make them “real” links. Sorry about that.

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