Nrf52 0.68inch OLED Mono display

Hi all,

I am very happy to use the Lvgl(v6.0) to successfully port to the nrf52 platform.
The display is 96*32 resolution, and the column reads and writes data by page.
This is the effect of the demo display.

demo code:
void lv_tutorial_hello_world(void)
lv_obj_t * scr = lv_disp_get_scr_act(NULL); /Get the current screen/
/Create a Label on the currently active screen/

lv_obj_t * label1 =  lv_label_create(scr, NULL);    /*Modify the Label's text*/
lv_label_set_text(label1, "Hello world!");	/* Align the Label to the center	 * NULL means align on parent (which is the screen now) 	* 0, 0 at the end means an x, y offset after alignment*/	
lv_obj_align(label1, NULL, LV_ALIGN_CENTER, 0, 0);


So, I want to achieve the effect of dynamic scrolling of character content.
For example, replace the display content β€œhello world!” with β€œhello world!hello world!hello world!”, and the final effect is to scroll from the right to the left of the screen.
I want to achieve the display of multiple characters, not limited to 96.

I hope everyone can help me achieve.Thanks.

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Have you read the Label documentation? It should explain what you are trying to acheive.

Thank you very much, I successfully achieved scrolling through the LV_LABEL_LONG_SROLL_CIRC mode.