Non-square pixels support


Couldn’t find any reference if LVGL supports displays with non-square pixels, like physical 16:9 aspect ratio with 800x480 resolution. Something like automatic font scaling, bitmaps and other stuff scaling could also be useful.



This feature is not supported, and to be honest I’ve never seen a display with non-square pixels so I don’t much about it :slight_smile:

Are there typical pixel aspect ratios?

I’ve heard that non-square pixels are quite popular in low-priced Android devices, but I just started to scratch the surface of the topic. I’ve bought ESP32-8048S043C (ESP32-8048S043 | macsbug) and am trying to figure out what to do now lol

It looks like non 1:1 PAR is not uncommon List of common resolutions - Wikipedia

Wow, it’s really unexpected. It seems the PAR can be any ratio.

I move this topic to the future request category. If it will interesting for more people we can figure out how to support it.

My LCD is 7 inch, 800 *480 ,but the arc is not normal.Does the LVGL can support for

non-square pixels lcd?

Yes, it seems.

Okay, we got traction on this topic :slight_smile:

You must avoid circles, it looks silly.
This display is very popular, because of good price.