No output when logging on Arduino


I believe I have set logging active in the lv_conf_ file. Compiling is ok. Running is ok. But I dont see any logging messages in my Serial Monitor window in my Arduino IDE. Other messages I generate myself are printed in the monitor. Am I misinterpreting the settings ? These are my settings

/*Enable the log module*/
#define LV_USE_LOG 1

    /*How important log should be added:
    *LV_LOG_LEVEL_TRACE       A lot of logs to give detailed information
    *LV_LOG_LEVEL_INFO        Log important events
    *LV_LOG_LEVEL_WARN        Log if something unwanted happened but didn't cause a problem
    *LV_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR       Only critical issue, when the system may fail
    *LV_LOG_LEVEL_USER        Only logs added by the user
    *LV_LOG_LEVEL_NONE        Do not log anything*/

    /*1: Print the log with 'printf';
    *0: User need to register a callback with `lv_log_register_print_cb()`*/
    #define LV_LOG_PRINTF 1

    /*Enable/disable LV_LOG_TRACE in modules that produces a huge number of logs*/
    #define LV_LOG_TRACE_MEM        1
    #define LV_LOG_TRACE_TIMER      1
    #define LV_LOG_TRACE_INDEV      1
    #define LV_LOG_TRACE_DISP_REFR  1
    #define LV_LOG_TRACE_EVENT      1
    #define LV_LOG_TRACE_LAYOUT     1
    #define LV_LOG_TRACE_ANIM       1

#endif  /*LV_USE_LOG*/

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Arduino IDE on a Arduino R1 board.

What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

Reading documentation and browsing the forum

What have you tried so far?

Tried different settings, to no avail

Suggestions are welcome,

As per my understanding, your logging level is set to the warning, and then u will see something when there is some warning.


Probably your code doesn’t have any issues, that’s why no warning.
Try setting info level and see.


Thanks,I also tried this one : LV_LOG_LEVEL_TRACE A lot of logs to give detailed information
No logging shown (and I no for sure that I have errors in my program, Ha Ha )