No module named 'st77xx' for raspberry pi pico port

Hello Everyone!

I am new to the LVGL with Micropython. I followed the instruction from to build the lv_micropython for the raspberry pico.

  1. git clone
  2. cd lv_micropython
  3. git submodule update --init --recursive lib/lv_bindings
  4. make -C ports/rp2 BOARD=PICO submodules
  5. make -j -C mpy-cross
  6. make -j -C ports/rp2 BOARD=PICO USER_C_MODULES=../../lib/lv_bindings/bindings.cmake

The build was successful and I did see the firmware.uf2 inside the build folder.
However, when I connected the pico to thonny, and try to import st77xx driver “from st77xx import *” I got error that the module was not found. I am not sure which step was missing, can anyone help?

I am also a newbie to lvgl micropython having started the other day.
There are some files that you should copy, such as, and related files.
In my case, I use Thonny to copy the files in the following directory to the Raspberry Pi Pico’s Micropython storage.


I think this file copy will eliminate the import error.

Thank you! Copy the driver works.