Need to port LVGL on bigger screen resolution

I have experiance porting the LVGL in 10.1 inch display 1024x600 resoultion display.I have plan to port and use the LVGL with 1. 15.6inch IPS screen,1920×1080 high resolution. I would like to know the support for LVGL to this resoultion and any suggetion for board for this display. the system to run 4 waveforms and multiple values to post .Plan to use Linux frame buffer to do this on MYIR board . please advice .

the web site has lot of tutorials on LVGL porting etc but full of chinese any other website like 100ask,net in english . please advice .We are ready to pay and get tuorials on LVGL . Thanks


Hello, could you share what device did you use for the 10.1 inch display (display and MCU)?

I need a big screen for my next project, and the 7.0inch_ESP32-8048S070 is the biggest I have found so far… a 10inch screen with LVGL, even touchless, would be great, preferably a cheap one.
For now I plan to test using different 50 pin LCD displays on the “ESP32-8048S070” board to test then create a new optimized board.

Regarding your question, LVGL supports any resolution, the question is performance and refresh-rate, using ESP32-S3 with 8MB PSRAM, you can create a good enough buffer and also the LV_DISPLAY_RENDER_MODE_PARTIAL option can help you make it work when you don’t have a big enough draw-buffer. Adjusting the LV_DPI_DEF inside lv_conf.h is a good idea when porting a project that uses one of the built-in LVGL themes.

Hi thanks for clarification we use 10.1 from Waveshare below link

same part we use . Thanks .