Need some direction on MCU, display, etc

I have a automotive dash I built for myself that accesses the ECU via CANbus, gps for speed. I started with the Mega and moved it to an ESP32 with a Nextion display. I wanted to use Squareline Studio to design a nicer UI/dash but am stumped.

Not sure which MCU to use. Teensy 4.1? Stick ESP32 since the code works? Portenta since it has a USB display port and makes the answer for the below easier?

Which 7" touch display should I use? I’ve seen some on best displays website but can’t find a good example code to look at.

Stumped. Googled and stumped myself even more. Lol


A 7" display usually has at least 800x480 resolution. Usually it’s too slow for a normal ESP32 especially with SPI bus. Teensy 4.1 can be better choice, but you should target parallel port communication. I’m not sure Teensy has a parallel port periphery or it should be implement using normal GPIOs.

Selecting a display is always difficult. I suggest looking around at
Usually they provide basic drivers too.

Well I ordered the 7" SPI based display from BuyDisplay and a Teensy 4.1 earlier. Hopefully this will be functional.

A Teensy 4.1 can do parallel port (16 bits) but does not support DMA.
A Teensy Micromod can do 8 bit parallel with DMA.
Choose your weapon;)

I personally use the Micromod with an ILI9488 and it’s more than fast enough.
With a 800*480 resolution you might get slightly lower FPS over an 8 bit wide bus but I think you can still achieve ~30FPS with the right screen

I bought this:

Let’s hope I bought the right thing. I selected 4 wire SPI for the teensy and 3304 for the font chip (dunno if it mattered).

Just hoping I bought correctly and that “it just works”. Super excited to learn lvgl.

Running that screen on SPI will be slow
It can be configured for 8080 parallel interface - I would go with that from the get go

Too late I think. Ordered it as a 4 wire SPI…and I don’t know much about parallel interfaces and what I need to use one.

has anyone hooked up the ER-TFTM070-5 display from above to an ESP32? Is there a link that shows which pin goes to what on the ESP32?