Need help with porting lvgl in new STM32F469I_DISCO NT35510 driver

I need help with porting new STM32F469I_DISCO with new driver nt35510. i cant find a single library about nt35510 lvgl to port in STM32F469. please anyone with experience or any references or source code will help me much. thank you.

I implemented a nt35510 for the stm32h743, i used the code from the lcd wiki for my display.
3.97inch 16BIT Module NT35510 SKU:MRB3973 - LCD wiki
Look up the SKU number for your display.

can i ask for the source code sir? i have problem with porting the driver to lvgl

It is specific for the h743,
I uploaded a simple demo to github:
Jay-esp/stm32h743zi2_nt35510_lvgl_demo: Demo code for lvgl on arduino IDE, stm32h743zi2 nucleo board, 3.97" display nt35510 (