Need help with GC9A01 driver for LVGL with micropython on PICO


I’m newbie of embedded system. I want use lvgl on RP2040 with micropython and just built the firmware of micropython with lvgl for rp2 followed the instructions. But don’t know how to move next step. I think I need a LCD display driver in pure micropython. The example is on esp32 platform. So could anyone help me with RP2 version?
Here is details:

CST816T Touch

Pin details:

I2C_SDA = 6
I2C_SDL = 7
I2C_INT = 17
I2C_RST = 16

DC = 8
CS = 9
SCK = 10
MOSI = 11
MISO = 12
RST = 13
BL = 25


What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

RP2040-Touch-LCD-1.28 - Waveshare Wiki

I’m trying to get the same board to work. Have you solved this?

Not yet. I’m completely new to Embedding system. I think there are two ways to make it work: 1. Wrap a micropython driver in LVGL way. 2. Compile with C driver.
Unfortunately, I still have no idea to solve it currently.