Multiple Task, Multiple chart and multiple plot data join

Hello dear friends,
I am working on a project with STM32F429IGT6@168MHz, LVGL, and Freertos, which has 4 input serial UART with different baud rates, then I have 8 to 10 tasks with a maximum 53ms delay in between. When I want to change the rate of plot data addition, from 4 data for each graph to 16 data addition, the GUI fails, by which I mean the GUI cant track the data change. Now if I update only one graph, it seems to be OK for 16 times data update in one try, but if it happens to update two charts with 16 data on each task entry, the GUI fails. I should note that chart data updates happen in separate tasks.
Hope that some can help me, and there be no need to switch to a more powerful MCU like STM32F7 series.

Be careful using OS

Thank you @glory-man
This is exactly what I forgot.