MPLAB X - "error" in file

I am trying to use LVGL on a custom made PIC32MZ1024EFH100 board. A TFT 800 x 480 display is included. It is controlled using the 16 bit parallel PMP port.
I have downloaded the lvgl-master folder and renamed it lvgl. I have copied the file into the MPLAB X project and included the headers and source code files in the project.
The MPLAB X reports errors in a file. Pursuing this I come to the file “custom.js”. The following is a screenshot showing the lines marked as error:

What should I do to eliminate these errors?

I am searching for a step-by-step procedure on how to use LVGL with MPLAB X on a PIC32MZ processor. Please, inform me in case you have such a procedure or can point me to one.

Regards and thanks,

Well, I found a solution. I did as described in the documentation on porting. That is I deleted all files from the lvgl-master except for the src folder, the lvgl.h and the lvgl_conf_template.h.
I named the directory lvgl.
I made a lvgl_conf.h based on the lvgl_conf_template.h and saved it at the same directory level as lvgl.

This is accepted by MPLAB X IDE.