Mouse Click on Calendar Not Working in Simulator


I am following the coding example for the calendar object as described in the documentation, and when I run the application and click on any of the calendar controls nothing happens - the calendar does not change, and nothing is printed to my console.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Simulator on macOS using CLion and CMake.

What do you experience?

The mouse cursor in the application follows my OS mouse cursor, but clicking has no effect on the interface; e.g., clicking the left or right chevrons do not change the month.
I temporarily modified ./lv_drivers/indev/mouse.c:79 to print a message when the left mouse button is clicked, and that did print the message any time I clicked anywhere inside the simulator.

What do you expect?

Clicking the chevrons will change the month, while clicking on specific days will set the current date to the clicked day.

Code to reproduce

Initialization of calendar:


Screenshot and/or video


I feel like an idiot. After doing some more reading, I realized that I shot myself in the foot by setting lv_obj_set_click(, false), which disabled the ability to click on the calendar objects (imagine that). My apologies. :slight_smile: