More symbols and list font style

More symbol

I want to add more awesome symbols. What can I do?

  • lv_font_symbol_20.c
{.w_px = 17,  .glyph_index = 0},  /*Unicode: U+f001 ()*/
  • lv_symbol_def.h
#define SYMBOL_AUDIO           _SYMBOL_VALUE3(EF,A0,80)

What does (EF, A0, 80) mean here? How do they relate to unicode U+f001?

list font style

lv_list_add(list, SYMBOL_AUDIO, "Audio", NULL);

How do I specify “Audio” style?

You may use the List parameter specific utility

But Switching to the new font method based on nodejs in the LittlevGL v6.0.

It’s UTF8 coded character.

It’s a little bit difficult to add new symbols to the current (v5.3) version, but its quite easy to add them in the new version (v6.0 will be officially released in a few weeks).

Here is the new online font converter and the current version of the documentation (not finished yet)

V6.0 sounds great! Thank you!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: