ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'lvgl'

Can someone tell me what I did wrong here

You can’t run Micropython scripts with python.exe.
To run Micropython scripts you need to build Micropython.
To run LVGL with Micropython you need to build and use lv_micropython instead of python.exe.

It’s my first time using LVGL or any PC simulated environment. Can you guide me a little more on what should I do? On the website it said I need MinGW and Eclipse, I followed all the steps and when I build the project I got this result.

I’ve designed a UI, but how do I run it on my PC. I need to make it functional

Please follow the docs on lv_micropython:
Windows is not well supported, please build and run on Linux (or Linux VM).

Can I do anything for WIndows?