Modern LVGL meets old school telephones

LVGL provides the local GUI for weeBell, my latest open-source gadget. weeBell provides a POTS telephone interface (FXS) and currently firmware running on it lets you connect old school rotary and DTMF dial telephones via Bluetooth to your cellphone. You can initiate or receive phone calls on the telephone. Ringing and dial tones are true to the selected country. You can even dial 0 for an “operator” (the phone’s voice assistant).




I’ve found in my personal projects - and professional client projects - I’m definitely liking LVGL’s basic widgets and not needing fancy themes or skeuomorphic UIs. So a shout out to kisvegabor and the whole team.

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Hi @danjulio ,

This looks an interesting project, to an old guy like me who was once a telephone engineer, thanks for sharing…

Nice job!

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