Missing #if in tutorials

Hi all,

While trying to integrate the library into an MPLAB X IDE project, I found a sort of ‘bug’ in the tutorials folder. The files ‘flower_icon_alpha.c’, ‘red_rose_16.c’ and '‘arial.c’ have the #if LV_USE_TUTORIALS missing, thus it was trying to compile these files even if not used which was giving a PSV error.

Not really sure what PSV means, but when I looked it up it seems to refer to a section being too large, so I’ll go with that definition and hope I’m right. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a flag you can enable to have the linker/compiler drop unused sections from the compilation output? That way these unused files are not included in the output. If you don’t have that enabled, I strongly recommend enabling it; it allows for much cleaner programs to be written since you don’t need as many #ifdefs cluttering the file.

If you have PSV error then you are using 16 bit PIC, right? AFAIK, the XC16 compiler is not gcc based and I don’t if it support flags mentioned by @embeddedt

Can you add those #if's and send a Pull request?


Thanks for your replies. I am in fact using a 16bit PIC (PIC24FJ256DA210). I added the #if and everything is working fine now. What do you mean by sending a Pull request?

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