Minimum new project files required



I am creating a project from scratch.

I would like to know which of the .h files below are required.
what is the minimum required .h files from below ?
I put all these files in a folder called “.global_conf”.

esp-idf structure:

@ components
@@ ui
@@@ .global_conf
@@@ drv
@@@ lvgl

  • lv_conf.h // i think it is necessary
  • lv_conf_checker.h // i dont know if it is necessary ???
  • lv_conf_template.h // i dont know if it is necessary ???
  • lv_ex_conf.h // i think that it is not necessary
  • lv_ex_conf_templ.h // i think that it is not necessary
  • lv_examples.h // i think that it is not necessary
  • lv_test.h // i think that it is not necessary
  • lv_version.h // i think it is necessary
  • lvgl.h // i think it is necessary

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

Minimum new project files required.

What have you tried so far?

Running with all files.
I already deleted the “lv_examples” folder.


Hi, you should not be copying any individual .h files except lv_conf.h. Copy it to your components folder. All other h files will be accessed from the components/lvgl or components/drv folders. Copy those whole directories to your components directory. Note that if your project is using CMake, you will get warnings about missing h files but moving those around will only mean you get a link error instead. You need to build using make, and you need to follow the instruction to copy the file to the lvgl folder.

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My project are running perfectly i think :).

I am using CMake.

I just want to know which of these files are needed.
The rest of the files i will delete.

I prefer to keep this folder organization.


DId you add a CMakeLists.txt file that has all the sources in it for the drv and lvgl? I had actually just stareted to work on a CMake build today.


It took me over 3 weeks to learn / understand cmake and other tools / tools integration like visual studio code, esp-idf, etc.


just download the file here:


I deleted the files one by one and the minimum files i got was this:

  • lv_conf.h
  • lv_conf_checker.h
  • lv_version.h
  • lvgl.h

I just would like an confirmation from embeddedt or kisvegabor.


Deleting any LittlevGL header file is a bad practice. You should not need to modify the contents of the lvgl directory at all.

You need your own copies of lv_conf.h and lv_ex_conf.h somewhere in your project. Technically, you can then delete the template versions, but again, I advise keeping them around to avoid having a different tree than what is on GitHub. That will make it harder for you to update/us to know what has changed later if you need help with something.

@jeremyjh is correct. The only two files you need to copy (ideally out of the lvgl folder) are the template files (which then have to be renamed). You should then be able to leave the lvgl folder as is. No further changes are necessary.

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Why i need “lv_ex_conf.h” if i deleted the “lv_examples” folder ?

As far as I can tell, you didn’t mention that. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t use lv_examples then you don’t need lv_ex_conf.h.


The idea is to create a new project using littlevgl but keeping only the necessary files.