mimxRT1064 gets stuck at eLCDIF read_qos priority settings when bootloader added


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```/* Set the eLCDIF read_qos priority high, to make sure eLCDIF
	 * can fetch data in time when PXP is used.
	*((volatile uint32_t*) 0x41044100) = 5;

my controller stuck at this starting location of littlevgl_guiguider example when bootloader added to the code. 

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There’s not a lot of information to go by here, and I don’t have iMX.RT hardware, but I’d guess that the bootloader turns on the MPU, and that may be denying access to this memory region. Perhaps try turning off the MPU first.

If I disable this function ARM_MPU_Enable(MPU_CTRL_PRIVDEFENA_Msk);
from bootloader, application code go further from this ((volatile uint32_t) 0x41044100) = 5;
So partially it is working, but all the features are not working as expected by doing this. Do I need to add this memory region in bootloader to allow access to the application??

I would just turn the MPU off entirely, if your application didn’t have it on at all before, you don’t plan on using it, and there isn’t a documented reason why it’s turned on by the bootloader in the first place.