MicroPython Display Drivers part 2

@kdschlosser Hey man, have you successfully tested RGBBus? I’m testing it and it reboots in mp_lcd_rgb_bus_make_new with the following code:

from lcd_bus import RGBBus

display_bus = RGBBus(
    data0=11,  #r0
    data1=10,  #r1
    data2=9,  #r2
    data3=46,  #r3
    data4=3,  #r4
    data5=48,  #g0
    data6=47,  #g1
    data7=21,  #g2
    data8=14,  #g3
    data9=13,  #g4
    data10=12,  #g5
    data11=40,  #b0
    data12=39,  #b1
    data13=38,  #b2
    data14=0,  #b3
    data15=45,  #b4
#     freq=8_000_000,
#     bb_size_px=0,
#     hsync_pulse_width=2,
#     hsync_front_porch=46,
#     hsync_back_porch=44,
#     hsync_idle_low=False,
#     vsync_pulse_width=2,
#     vsync_front_porch=16,
#     vsync_back_porch=18,
#     vsync_idle_low=False,
#     de_idle_high=False,
#     pclk_idle_high=False,
#     pclk_active_neg=False,
#     disp_active_low=False,
#     refresh_on_demand=False,
#     bb_inval_cache=False,

A user sent me an RGB display to test but I have not gotten to testing it. I hurt my back and have been staying away from the PC.

I hope you get better @kdschlosser

Yes, same here.

It’s sore that’s for sure. I had the Mrs give me a good massage and that has helped a lot. It hasn’t taken care of all of the pain but at least is is kind of bearable.

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Then I am going to go and find an attorney and sue the county for fraud.

So, events no longer with in the micropython bnding. We have a purpose. Otherwise, in this form, it can’t be used normally.

We go forward.
GitHub - kdschlosser/lvgl_micropython: LVGL module for MicroPython for firmware
GitHub - bdbarnett/mpdisplay: Display, touch and encoder drivers for MicroPython and lv_bindings_micropython for displaydriver

import lv_config
import lvgl as lv
import asyncio
from asyncio import sleep, create_task, Loop

scr = lv.screen_active()

async def btn_reset_task(obj=None, event=-1):

    print(f"Resetting... Taks rom: {obj}, event: {event}")

    rst_spinner = lv.spinner(scr)
    rst_spinner.set_size(100, 100)
    rst_spinner.set_anim_params(10000, 60)

    rst_label = lv.label(scr)

    await asyncio.sleep(5)
    print("Resetting... Done")

    # import machine
    # machine.reset()


def btn_reset_gen():
    btn_reset = lv.button(scr)
    btn_reset.align(lv.ALIGN.TOP_MID, 0, 280)
    btn_reset.add_event_cb(lambda e: create_task(btn_reset_task()), lv.EVENT.CLICKED, None)
    label_reset = lv.label(btn_reset)
    label_reset.set_text('Reset Task')

    btn_reset = lv.button(scr)
    btn_reset.align(lv.ALIGN.TOP_MID, 0, 0)
    btn_reset.add_event_cb(lambda e: print("Resetting..."), lv.EVENT.CLICKED, None)
    label_reset = lv.label(btn_reset)
    label_reset.set_text('Reset Print')



pythonSPI, ili9341.py+xpt2046.py from mpdisplay. MicroPython v1.23.0-preview + LVGL9.0
Some test.
touch test
asyncio - animation

Test Event.
“Test Results: get_current_target_obj is functioning properly. Sliding the slider works without any hanging issues, and the label accurately reflects percentage changes.”

    def slider_event_cb(self, event):

        ev = lv.event_t(event)
        obj = ev.get_current_target_obj()
        print(f"slider_event_cb: {obj} {obj.get_value()} {ev.get_code()}")

    def lv_example_slider_1(self):

        style_bar = lv.style_t()
        style_bar.set_bg_color(lv.color_hex(0x00FF00))  # Green color
        style_bar.set_bg_grad_color(lv.color_hex(0x808080))  # Gray color
        style_bar.set_border_color(lv.color_hex(0xFFFFFF))  # White color

        self.slider = lv.slider(lv.screen_active())
        self.slider.add_style(style_bar, 20)
        self.slider.set_size(15, 240 - 50)
        self.slider.align(lv.ALIGN.LEFT_MID, 10, 0)

        self.slider.set_range(16, 28)

        self.slider.add_event_cb(self.slider_event_cb, lv.EVENT.VALUE_CHANGED, None)

        # Create a label below the slider
        self.slider_label = lv.label(lv.screen_active())
        self.slider_label.align_to(self.slider, lv.ALIGN.OUT_LEFT_MID, 50, 0)