Message box background ghosting

I use a tab view, then when page 2 uses a message box, the background of the popup box appears as a ghost of page 1.
I don’t know what is causing this, can anyone help me?

A picture or video of the issue would be helpful to better understand the issue

The photo doesn’t work, because the ghosting is not obvious, and you have to look carefully to see it. Sorry, I can only describe it verbally.
I thought of one word to describe it: watermark. A faint graphic watermark of other pages appeared on the background of the message box. Later, it was found that the background of some newly created objects will also have this situation, which is the case in the fixed area. (lvgl8.1)

Are you sure it’s not image retention or pixel burn in on the LCD?
I have suffered from this when using a high output backlight on an ILI9488 lcd display.

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The screen I use is st7789v, I didn’t think about the situation of image retention or pixel burning on the LCD that you said, that is to say, can it be solved by reducing the brightness of the backlight?

Heck, I’ve added a couple of message boxes, and nothing like that now. became normal.
I don’t know if there will be such a problem in the future, but finding the cause is the correct solution.