Make by default point to latest stable release, not development master

Hello, I have a trivial little suggestion: Could the URL be made to point to the latest stable release (v8.3) instead of the development master?

This caused me quite a bit of confusion when setting up my board until I did finally note note that I am reading the docs of WIP lvgl master branch where e.g. the API for the display changed quite a bit. I am used from many other open source library docs, that their documentation main page always points to the latest stable release.

(FWIW, I pointed this out to a coworker who has used LVGL a bit longer then me, who complained that the docs are incorrect/not helpful. Turns out they did not notice either that they are browsing the wrong version.)

I agree with you on this as well. Tho I use V9.0 so I have not run into this issue I have seen people make this mistake when they are using the 8,.3.x version.

I also agree! It should be changed here.

@kdschlosser you already know the docs better than me :smiley: Do you know from this index.html is coming from?

it’s not coming from the documentation build. It is coming from some other script or it is pre set on your server.

@embeddedt Could you help us with finding the source of index.html?

That is the correct file; it is not autogenerated. It’s just that the docs build system repeatedly force-pushes which means it ends up looking like it came from the bot. Changing it manually using the GitHub web editor should work.

Thank you, I’ve just updated it and it works well.

There’s a similar issue with the “latest” version of the docs pointing at 7.11. That generally comes up higher in search results than master or 8.3.

There is a file that needs to be updated that contains the list of versions. that list more than likely needs to be reordered.

Great, thanks folks!