Maintainer wanted

Hi guys,

@amirgon just let me know that he can’t continue the maintenance of the the MicroPython biding due to other engagements.

So we are looking for a new maintainer for the MicroPython binding. In the practice it’d mainly mean discussing how to handle the upcoming changes of LVGL in the MicroPython binding and also updating the binding accordingly. Amir said that he will be available for discussions but can’t participate in the development. So we are not alone :slight_smile:

I wonder if someone from the community is interested in continuing the amazing work of Amir.

I aslo would like to say big thank you to Amir for the great work so far! It really made a big difference! :clap: :100:


For what it’s worth, the MicroPython community are very keen to expand LVGL support and there are some key members that would be willing to support anyone that took on this role!

I’d also like to extend that thanks to @amirgon for all his efforts. :smiling_face:


Thank you, Matt!

What do you think, would it be possible to add the binding into the upstream MicroPython library as a submodule?

@kisvegabor I’ve started work making lvgl work as an external C module on standard / upstream micropython here: Integration as external c module with unmodified micropython. by andrewleech · Pull Request #242 · lvgl/lv_binding_micropython · GitHub

This was done before v1.20 was released and requires updating (time pending) to work again, and also needed esp32 support fixed (I couldn’t figure out IDF issues here, don’t know how to solve).

Once that was done in theory lvgl could be submitted as a library for upstream micropython, with a couple of board profiles configured to use it the inclusion could be compelling.

If lvgl could be integrated into the existing framebuf subsystem I think this would be much smoother to roll out to more boards with existing graphics drivers, I haven’t figured out how likely / possible this would be.

If we manage to have someone maintaining the project, I would like to collaborate by setting up a continuous integration system with a variety of hardware.
I´ve accumulated a big trove of different MCUs and displays over the years.
I could help with:

  • selecting the most relevant combinations of hardware
  • physically build them into a testing plaform
  • integrate with github C.I.
  • publish binaries for each tested combinations

then maintain this test platform by integrating new displays or MCUs.

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All these sound amazing!

Next week a new employee will join to SquareLine LLC (it’s our drag and drop UI editor), and as SquareLine also uses the MicroPython binding under the hood, one of the responsibilities of him will be to maintain the binding.

Once he is on boarded I’ll show him your comments here and we can figure out how to proceed.

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After they get settled, I’d be happy having a call with the new hire if that’ll help? I can talk about the MicroPython side - though I’m less familiar with details around LVGL.

I suspect @andrewleech would be open to this too (Andrew and I work together).

Fantastic, thank you! I’ll let you know when we are settled. I think we will need a few weeks for that.