lvGLwidget - an QOpenGLWidget to integrate into QT forms

Hello all!

Just created a project:

It enables you to use LittlevGL with QT forms, so you can use QT natively.
I started the project yesterday, its a work in progress, it can be improved.

I am planing to use it to simulate my embedded system on the PC, using buttons and data from the forms that can be passed to GUI code to test and validate the GUI logic.


That sounds amazing! Let us know if there is a demo we can check! :slight_smile:

Hi Gabor, thanks!
There is already an example on the repository that only displays the buffer and interact with the mouse.
It shows no interaction with other forms such as buttons, but that would be easy to implement and its up to the developer how should that be implemented.
But I may come with a more complete example latter…

I see, thanks! To be honest, I’m so experienced with Qt and don’t know to try out your project. :frowning:

Do you have time to add a few steps of “getting started” guide to the README?

I added more information on the
but basically to test the demo, its just need to open the example/ with QTcreator and run it…
If that don’t work let me know :slight_smile:

I just tried it and work well! :clap:
It looks like this. Good to know that there is a way to use LVGL widgets in QT. ^^

The PushButton is not implemented… but it can be implemented by calling some functions to control LittlevGL.
But on the implementation it depends on the application. If they want to simulate some sourcecode there may be need concerns of protect LittlevGL with mutexs etc… but it also depend on libraries the source code is using.
There is no unique solution for that.

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