Lvgljs, write lvgl with javascript

Here is my project lvgljs, you can write lvgl by javascript, click the following links to enter the project

you can write code like this

code Runing on Real Device

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Looks great! Have you seen the moddable js sdk?

Very cool! I had the idea of making something like this a long time ago but never found the time for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wao, it’s amazing. It seems like a very complete binding with documentation and all the goodies :slight_smile:

Are there some parts that are automatically generated or is it fully handwritten?

Not have, just make this project for fun

It is all handwritten, for now :no_mouth: :expressionless:

No problem, it must be complicated to use a C API in a React-ish way and I don’t wonder that it needs some manual, hard to automate work.

I see that you could port the whole widgets demo which shows that your binding is very complete.

I wonder if you were interested in hosting it in the LVGL organization. This way your great work would get some extra visibility. Of course you’d have maintainer access (write access with extras) to the repo.

Looks like there’s C++ bindings hiding inside?

Wow, it seems we can kill two birds with one stone.

FYI, the C++ binding is a sponsored topic now. See

OK. I think is really a good idea!

Great! I can open a repository for you, or if you add me to your repo as admin, I can transfer the repo to the LVGL organization.

I have transfer the repo, you may check your emal to confirm

Ah, sorry, the repository transfer has been expired. I didn’t know it has so short lifetime…
Today, on Monday and Tuesday I’ll be at my notebook all day and I will accept it immediately.

OK, trans send again.

Thank you, ready:

I’ll write about the new repo in our LinkedIn and in the monthly newsletter.

We can also mention it in the docs. Feel free to send a PR to the docs

Are you interested in detaching the C++ core to a separate binding? Of course, with the 400 USD sponsorship.

LinkedIn post here:

Please like and share it to spread to word of this amazing new binding.

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It’s been a bit busy lately, but it’s really a challenging job.

Do you mean “detaching the C++ binding” or “adding docs”? I guess the former :slight_smile:

FYI, a quite complete LVGL C++ binding is forming here.

I don’t know if its easier or more complicated to use a 3rd party C++ binding library.

I mean “adding docs”, “detaching the C++ binding” is a quiet difficult job :grinning:

For the docs the current README would do. :slight_smile: