[LVGL9.0] Request support colorwheel widget

[LVGL9.0] Request support colorwheel widget for LVGL9.

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I think we can create a better colorpicker than what we had in v8. Could you list what features are required for you?

I have noticed that various graphic design programs provide users with intuitive tools for choosing colors.

Color Selector/Picker typically consists of three main components:

  1. Rainbow color bar
  2. Main color selection area allowing users to adjust the darkness or lightness of the primary color chosen
  3. Current selected color display

These components are commonly found in various graphic design programs.

Do you mind having a widget with a similar style?
Thank you.

[Google’s Color Picker]

[GIMP’s Color selector]

[PhotoPea’s Color Picker]

We should create something modular and flexible. IMO the main element should be an image from which a color can be picked. It can be any image, e.g. a rainbow hue bar or something like this:
This needs to return the color of a pixel when it’s clicked somewhere.

Using the selected color the user can build up any kind of UIs to edit this color. A typical example for this the white-black-color rectangle to set the lightness and saturation. (2. in your images)
It also could be an image, but the tricky thing is to apply a color on it. Maybe it’s an ARGB image, with a “hole” on the top right corner, and we place the selected color below the image. So that the image covers some parts of the color.


Thanks, I agree that offering flexibility in STEP1
for users to choose the main color is important.

Another question from another topic:
If it’s not too much trouble with your private coding time,
could you please help answer the question in another topic
on how to retrieve the width and height values of lv_scale?

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Thank you.