Lvgl8.2 _ lv_ event_ mark_deleted() The function reported an error

Does anyone know _ lv_ event_ mark_deleted()?

This function is used only internally and the users shouldn’t call it directly.

Why do you think you need to use it?

Because I use lvgl8.2 based on the X-track framework, and the hardware is esp32-s3. When I switch pages, Occasionally, errors will be reported, which will cause the device to restart, and the error information is_ lv_ event_ mark_ Deleted (), so I want to understand what will trigger this function to report an error.

This function is called if the object whose event is being executed is deleted. It tells LVGL that the object is invalid, and no further events should be executed on it.

How do you swicth screens?

You can enable the LV_USE_ASSERT_...s in lv_conf.h. Hopefully they will help to find the issue.

Thank you for your reply. After removing the X-track framework, my problem has been solved. Maybe some components are missing in my migration process.