LVGL with Azure Threadx RTOS

I’m new to using LVGL.
I couldn’t find any example of using LVGL with Azure Threadx OS
Are there any incompatibilities?
Thank you

I’ve just Googled on it and I haven’t found any relevant result. LVGL is already used with basically all the major RTOS-es, so I’m surprised why Azure Threadx OS is missed out. Maybe because it has its own UI library

Anyway, it’s easy to integrate LVGL into any OS. There is only one thing you should pay attention to:

If you need to use real tasks or threads, you need a mutex which should be invoked before the call of lv_timer_handler and released after it. Also, you have to use the same mutex in other tasks and threads around every LVGL (lv_... ) related function call and code. This way you can use LVGL in a real multitasking environment. Just make use of a mutex to avoid the concurrent calling of LVGL functions.

Hello Gabor,
Thank you for your reply, yes Azure have his library (GUIX), but its implementation is not as easy as with LVGL.
So i will try LVGL with Azure Threadx following your advice.
Thank you

If you have experience with it can you tell little bit more? I’d be curious what advantages and disadvantages of GUIX you see.

Hello Gabor,
In fact, I’m a beginner, I just made a few screens with LVGL because I found a lot of examples (which is a real plus!)
I’m trying to use GUIX and it’s more complicated because there’s no embedded sample project for implementing the drivers

I see, thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile: