Lvgl version mismatch issue for Squareline studio generated files for ESP32 working demo code


I am using WT32-SC01 480x320 TFT development board with ESP32-Wrover B module on it. I started with lv_port_esp32 on ESP-IDF 4.3.1. I am able to run demo properly with Display and touch working fine.

I also started with Squareline studio for UI designing. But issue is Squareline support 8.2.0 minimum version of lvgl but lv_port_esp32 uses lvgl 7.11.0. So I am facing lvgl version mismatch issue when using UI files generated from Squareline studio.

I want to add display code to existing project build with IDF 4.3.1. How can I use squareline studio with lvgl demo code.