LVGL v9 and TFT_eSPI ILI9341 touchscreen callback

Dear all,
I’m working with an ESP32 with Arduino framework.
I’ve already used previous versions of LVGL implementing my disp_flush and touch_read callback functions.
With latest version of LVGL I can enable LV_USE_TFT_ESPI define and I saw from code that with lv_tft_espi_create function it creates automatically the flush callback. But what about the touch callback (compatible with TST_eSPI)? I don’t have found any reference in LVGL code. Do I need to implement it? How can I get the TFT_eSPI reference (created in function lv_tft_espi_create) to define the touch_cb in my main, to avoid a new instance? or is better that I define it in lv_tft_espi.cpp file of LVGL? or, maybe, I’m on the wrong way…
I would like to find the best practice.
Thanks in advance