LVGL v7 on Mbed OS 6?


Has anyone got LVGL running on Mbed OS 6?
I have searched through the forums but have not seen any recent talk about the latest versions running together.
I did come across this guide but it seems that it was tested with LVGL v6 and not 7?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

I want to use LVGL on Mbed OS as I like the easy to use APIs on Mbed for other peripherals that my project requires

What have you tried so far?

Nothing as of now

It should work. The only changes would be the lv_conf.h file and the fact that the old style APIs no longer exist.

Thanks for the confirmation!

Per the example I posted, the OS was down to bare metal, so just minimal APIs.
I understand that if I use the full OS, I will need a mutex around functions that redraw objects such as lv_gauge_set_value, is that correct?

Any function prefixed with lv_ (aside from lv_task_handler and lv_tick_inc) needs a mutex.

So I’ve been trying to have a go at this all day long and I just can’t get it to work :frowning:

It’s configured for bare metal.
I used the lv f429 git repo as my source and removed the LED portions of code from one of the hal_stm_lvgl directory files (stm32f429i_discovery.h/c)

All I get is a dark screen with very faint lines.
Attached is a .tgz file that can be imported to mbed. Perhaps someone with more knowledge than myself can figure out why it’s not working.