LVGL usage for commercial product


We evaluate now GUI libraries for next-generation company commercial products and I was impressed with LVGL features and implementation.

Our GUI screens are quite simple but our requirements for the GUI library are the following:

  1. usage with framebuffer on embedded Linux
  2. support multi-language project (ex., English and Hebrew UI versions for the same project)
  3. a very stable GUI library version
  4. some support for GUI library possible issues
  5. IDE GUI designer (like EdgeLine) generating the resulting code

So my additional questions are:
6. How should I set auto-alignment behavior for controls in case of multi-language (LTR and RTL languages) project development?
Ex., labels and checkboxes/images should be aligned RTL in Hebrew and LTR in English.
Do you have some support for it or I need to manually align the screen based on the language?
7. Do you have ready multi-language project examples demonstrating resource storage and auto-alignment (ex., English (LTR) and Hebrew (RTL))?
8. Does only one (16 pixels) size for Hebrew font (lv_font_dejavu_16_persian_hebrew) exists in the library?
How can I add smaller than 16 pixels size (ex., 12 pixels letters) letters?
9. How can I add custom-designed special view character images (like “v” LV_SYMBOL_OK)?
10. When will EdgeLine IDE be ready for code generation usage?
11. do you have a list of commercial products or companies that use the LVGL library for commercial products?


Hi Roman,

No problem with these

v8 will be released very soon and we give 1 year of support for every minor version.

We make our best to fix the issues that come up, but if you need something more certain take a look at our services:

Most of the controls switch their direction if they (or their parent) has RTL base direction. E.g. sliders’ minimum position is on the right with RTL base direction.

Similarly to any other fonts, you can use the Online font conferter

If you have a font containing the characters you need, see how to add symbols here.

In a few weeks.

We are just collecting references.
But in brief, there are many companies using LVGL in commercial projects but it’s a little bit difficult to get those references because developers don’t have to contact us even if they use LVGL in projects that sold by a million.