LVGL Terminal for Apache NuttX RTOS

While porting Apache NuttX RTOS to PINE64 PinePhone, we needed a way to run NuttX Commands through the Touchscreen.

That’s why we created the LVGL Terminal App that runs commands entered with a Touchscreen Keyboard. (Screenshot below)

(How it works)

Who might find LVGL Terminal useful?

The LVGL Terminal might be helpful for developers who need a Command-Line Interface on phone and tablet devices.

Without LVGL Terminal, PinePhone Developers would need a Serial Cable to run NuttX Commands.

Will it run on other platforms?

The code might be portable to other POSIX / Linux platforms. It uses posix_spawn() to start a shell, and POSIX Pipes to send shell commands. I hope this code will be helpful to the LVGL Community.

(See the article for Source Code and Details)

Thanks everyone for the awesome LVGL code that made NuttX come alive on PinePhone! :slight_smile: