LVGL support LCD RGB666?


I Have an LCD RGB666 format, I see in lv_conf.h, the LVGL support 8 (RGB332), 16 (RGB565) and 32 (ARGB8888).
What can I do to adapt the library to the screen?
The LCD is COM37H3N83ULC.

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I would suggest using RGB565 and converting the colors to the right format in your display driver’s flush_cb function. You probably won’t see much benefit from going with ARGB8888.

Other question
Can I do this?: Configure the LVGL to RGB565 and set the LCD LSB R[0] and B[0] to GND.

Do you see this as a solution?

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We are also using LCD with RGB666 format. But in LVGL side (lv_conf.h) its mentioned as below,

/* Color depth:

    • 1: 1 byte per pixel
    • 8: RGB233
    • 16: RGB565
    • 32: ARGB8888
      #define LV_COLOR_DEPTH 16

Will LVGL support RGB666 Pixel format?