LVGL Support for NXP iMX


Me and my team are working with NXP’s iMX series platforms (including traditional iMX6 and advanced iMX8) ie. iMX6SX sabre board and iMX8MQ evk respectively.
We have basic know-how of GL.
We are planning to use LVGL as a graphic library with Bare-metal or FreeRTOS running on Cortex-M4 core.

We have passed through [documentation]( ), where it has been explicitly mentioned that iMX hardware is supported.

Source code hosted on github seems to support only [DMA2D accelerator]( ) (which is inherently part of STM boards)

Is there any plan to update support for iMX platforms or add some reference examples, in near future?
Is it already been evaluated on any iMX based boards that we can use for our reference?

If not available/planned,
Then in reference to [post]( and [system overview]( )
certain adaptations are necessary towards respective GPU (ie. Vivante in case of iMX).
Could you please provide some references to begin-with for minimal result (For an instance, Hello World!)?

Thanks in advance.
Looking forward to hear from you.


I mentioned iMX inthe docs because assumed that it is used with some kind of Linux where /dev/fb is available.

We have an active pull request about adding PXP (GPU) support. Although, I’m not sure if it helps in your case.

Modifying an LCD example should be doable. All you need is a framebuffer, where flush_cb copies the rendered images. Using DMA, double/triple buffering is a little bit more complicated if they are required.